It is the artistic partnership between Ann Silver and Jim Van Manen. It is their BRAND. The name comes from a blending of their names. "SILVER" may be obvious to those to know Ann Silver and her artwork, but the "MOON" is part of Jim Van Manen's last name which in Dutch means 'from the Moon'. 


Ann Silver is a founding member of the historic Deaf Art Movement (DAM) of the 1960s-1970s that preceded the De’VIA movement. Jim Van Manen is a CODA (child of Deaf parents), partially Deaf in one ear and is the author of the well-received Deaf Artist Series including one on Ann SilverSilver and Jim have each published and lectured widely. Their visual arts background is varied: Silver has made book jackets, logos, studio art, graphics, greeting cards, Deaftoons, and been an art director. Jim has taken computer graphics courses since the early 1990s and has been involved in teaching throughout his career and has made greeting cards and was a painter. In addition to working with Silver, he works as an Assistant Professor at Columbia College Chicago.  Silver has a BA in Commercial Art from Gallaudet University and has an MA from New York University. Jim has a BA from University of Northern Iowa and two graduate degrees from Gallaudet. After working as a designer/art director for major book publishing companies in Manhattan, Silver moved back home to Seattle where she created her most iconic work as a master of Deaf Pop Art.  She and Jim met in 2011 and established Silver Moon Brand, their art/design partnership. Their combined artistic forces are expressed in Silver Moon Brand which extends the base of Silver’s groundbreaking art depicting the Deaf perspective on the oppression of Deaf children and adults in a variety of areas and highlights many positive aspects of Deaf life. They both advocate for the recognition and inclusion of Deaf Art in the art world and in academia. 


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